Surviving The Holidays And Family While Pregnant

The holidays are undoubtedly a stressful time. Of course, it’s great to spend time with loved ones, share presents and eat good food while watching nostalgic movies. But along with all of that, comes spending time with people you may want to avoid, eating too much, and – perhaps –  family arguments. How do you survive the holidays during pregnancy? ~Health&Parenting

Here are some helpful tips from around the internet to deal with the holidays while you’re pregnant.

Tips For Surviving The Holidays While Pregnant

Cease To Seek Perfection

This is not the only holiday season of my life, so why am I acting like it’s the end of the world that I cannot make it a perfect wonderland?  My friends and family and even co-workers know what I am capable of and are the first to remind me that I’m pregnant and not to worry.   At least once a day over the last week I have had to remind myself that I will make it up to them and myself next year. In a few weeks, the holidays will be over and life will return to normal. ~TiredOfBeingPregnant

Take Breaks

You’ll probably have parties spanning the entire holiday season, not to mention shopping to do, presents to wrap, and loved ones to visit. All the hustle and bustle can be tiring for anyone – and downright exhausting when you’re pregnant. Make sure you’re getting the rest you need. Sneak in a nap before a big party. Put your feet up frequently and remember to give yourself a break! ~ModernAlternativeMama

Nurture The Calm Factor

…with the nostalgic Christmas films, emotion-fueled television advertisements, and countless family memories, Christmas has the potential to become a sob fest. Add to that the hormones, sleepless nights and anxiety of pregnancy, and you may just have a recipe for disaster. You may end up sobbing into your sprouts or even screaming across the spuds. Try to remember that the holidays are a time for heightened emotions, so it’s easy for things to get out of hand. Stay calm and try to enjoy your festive period. ~Health&Parenting

Take Advantage of Free Babysitters 

This is a great tip if you have other children.

Being surrounded by a slew of family members that you only see once a year can be lovely and, at the same time, beyond stressful.  Until that is, you realize what each of these people represents: free babysitters!  If you’re pregnant and have small children, take advantage of this time to hand them off to their aunts, uncles, and cousins. ~RosiePope

Make Gift Giving Easier On Yourself

  • Shop online or through catalogs. Not only will you avoid the crowds, but you can also shop while kicking up your swollen feet.
  • Avoid going overboard on gift wrapping. Order the item pre-wrapped or use gift bags and tissue paper.
  • Purchase gift cards for last-minute gifts. ~YouMayBeNext

Know That “No” Is a Complete Sentence and is Okay

During the holidays, it seems like everyone wants to throw a holiday party.  John and I were invited to quite a few this year, but we will only be attending one.  Not only do parties take time away from your already busy schedule, but they can be quite exhausting for a pregnant woman.  Decide which party or parties you really want to go to, and politely decline the other invitations. ~SincerelyMindy

Stay Hydrated!

No matter how busy you are, keep sipping liquids—especially water. Dehydration can happen fast and can lead to premature labor. If your mouth becomes dry, stop, fill and drink. Keep your glasses filled with healthy, pregnancy-friendly drinks all day long. Your baby will thank you later! ~PintSizedTreasures

Of course, the most important tip…remember to have fun and enjoy yourself! After all, it is the holiday season!

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