12 Pregnancy Questions You’re Too Scared to Ask

Prenatal visits are filled with excitement and emotion. This often means women forget to ask important questions or are too flustered to understand the answers.

First and foremost, prepare a list of pregnancy questions on paper or in your head. Then, don’t be afraid to ask! You should see eye to eye with your obstetrician. Ask them their stance on labor and delivery. This is an easy way to determine whether your views clash, especially when it comes to your birth plan.

Pregnancy has some embarrassing side effects and fears. Your doctor is there to answer any pregnancy questions you may have.

Here’s a list of 10 pregnancy questions most pregnant women are dying to know the answers to but are too afraid to ask.

1. Am I too fat?
Women shy away from asking this question, but your weight gain has a significant impact on your pregnancy. Discuss your weight gain with your doctor

2. Will I poop when I give birth?
Giving birth is not a spectator sport. Everyone in the room, while you’re giving birth, is there to support you (or don’t let them be there!) so don’t worry about pooping. It can happen if your bowel is full.

3. Is it true I will be peeing on myself after I give birth?
The closer you get to your due date, you will notice it gets harder and harder to control your bladder. This is because of the pressure your growing baby is putting on your bladder. After giving birth, bladder control may become tenuous.

Usually, after 6 weeks to 3 months, you should go back to normal. Kegel exercises can help with this. If you have bladder control issues 3 months postpartum, talk to your doctor.

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4. Will my vagina get stretched out?
The simple answer is no. The longer answer is–not the way you think.

Your vagina is made to stretch, then contract. It has muscle memory so don’t worry about this. You can do Kegel exercises if you would like to strengthen your muscles down there.

5. My husband says sex will hurt the baby, what should I say?
This is a real fear for many men. Reassure your man that he won’t poke the baby’s head, or whatever his fears may be.

6. Is it true that intercourse is painful after giving birth?
Well, you did just push a baby out of there. Give yourself enough time to heal before jumping back in the sack. Besides this, your hormone levels have changed and you may be having problems with lubrication. Give yourself time to heal.

7. Is it normal to have heavy discharge during pregnancy?
Yes. Pregnant women’s hormones are crazy. You will notice a steady increase in discharge as your pregnancy progresses. Visit your doctor if your discharge is burning, itching, painful or has an odor.

8. Is it okay to have so much gas and indigestion?
This is normal. Coupled with your hormonal changes, your growing baby is pushing on your bowels and intestines making digestion harder than normal. It’s okay.

9. How can I ease my indigestion?
If you are constipated, remember to eat fiber-rich foods and drink plenty of fluids. It may also help to eat small, frequent meals rather than large ones. Some women swear by lying a little propped up on two or more pillows.

10. What if I’m asleep when my water breaks?
They don’t call it labor for nothing; you will know when your baby is ready to get out.

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11. What sort of pain management do I have access to?
That labor is unbearably painful is an assumption that all hospitals enforce, but millions of women have gone through it without any medical interventions or medical pain management. It doesn’t hurt to ask whether you’ll have to grit your teeth and woman it out or have the option to numb yourself from the waist down. Just make sure you’re aware of what the pain medication side effects could be!

Labor is hard, uncomfortable work but, honestly, holding your baby, in the end, makes it all worth it.

12. How can I reach you between visits?
Have you already had a baby? Which pregnancy questions do you wish you had asked your doctor beforehand?


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