What are the best shoes for pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be a difficult time of your life in so many ways when your body feels tired because it is going through so many things in a period of 9 months.

Shoes for pregnancy became a thing when the continued changes in the pregnant women’s bodies also affected their feet. Taking a few steps with swollen feet feels like hiking up a mountain. If you or a loved one who is pregnant is at the point where walking and even standing up for a while starts to hurt, it’s time to invest money in a good pair of pregnancy shoes.

Your emphasis should be comfort and support to lessen the ache. Lightweight, flexible and shoes that adjust to the shape of your feet work best. Depending on the time of the year, you might want to buy shoes or sandals.

Either way, we have selected 5 best shoes for pregnancy for every occasion. Our review of 5 best shoes for pregnancy includes a pair of sandals, boots, flats, trainers and loafers that are extremely comfortable to wear even in the last trimester. When your baby bump is growing, you need shoes that you are comfy and can put on easily yourself in less than a minute. You don’t want to waste time in tying laces or buckling your sandals.

Here are our top 5 shoes for swollen pregnancy feet

1. Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy Shoes for Pregnancy

If you haven’t fallen in love with Skechers already, after purchasing these walking shoes, you definitely will. Pregnant women have a higher level of hormones getting released in their body that can cause some side effects like swelling and aching of joints. When this happens, you need maternity shoes to provide the right type of cushioning that supports the feet and leaves enough room for the feet to breathe.

Swollen feet need to breathe and they also ache. The Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy Shoes are the perfect pair for swollen and achy feet because of their well-thought design and material. The breathable fabric has tiny holes that allow air in and also expand as you walk to let your feet expand.

The cushioned sole is soothing and a walk feels like a light massage. Your feet won’t even get overheated while walking because they are supposed to keep the temperature of your feet normal through letting air in as you walk. The shoes are perfect for pregnancy and they can last much longer. So you’ll want to wear them to the park when you’ll take your baby out for a stroll, a few years later.

These shoes for pregnancy are also available in numerous beautiful colors.


  • Cushioning for hurting feet
  • Soft sole that adjusts to the shape of even swollen feet
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable and durable


  • Finding the right fit can be difficult

Skechers Performance Go Walk Joy Shoes


2. Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides

Nothing can match the comfort of slides that you can walk in all day long care-free. You can also head out in them for lunch, dinner or shopping. The Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides are one of the most comfortable slides to ever exist because of its lightweight material and plush cloud foam that feels like you’re walking on clouds.

They are thick enough to keep your feet above the ground and the comfortable sole lets your feet do hours of walking without aching. These shoes for pregnancy are very breathable and you can wear socks with them when cold. It is ideal for all weathers. The plush material is also remarkably designed to keep your feet at normal body temperature.


  • Breathable and water resistant PVC
  • Comfortable for Everyday use
  • Slip On (easy to wear)


  • Overpriced

Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides

3. Clarks Sharon Dolly Loafer

For something a little more laid back but formal appearance when you are pregnant, you need a good pair of loafers. These Clarks loafers are perfect for events and hanging out with friends when you want to be a little more dresses up and look classy.

If you need something to wear to office that is also comfortable, you cannot choose slides or sneakers at least without getting noticed. The Clarks Sharon Dolly Loafers can easily slip on with extra elastic stretch. These shoes for pregnancy also have an inch heel that doesn’t torture your calves but looks elegant. The plush support under your feet lets you stay on your feet all day long in style and comfort.


  • Formal and Stylish
  • Comfortable soul
  • Elastic stretch to slip on


  • Not very breathable

Clarks Sharon Dolly Loafer

4. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Rate Boot

When you feel like dressing up to spend some time with your friends or go to a party, especially when you don’t want to wear heels, boots can be a great option. The Dr. Scholl’s Women Rate Boots have a very low heel that is suitable for pregnant women. The heel adds a few inches to your height and the comfort is unmatchable. You might have to wear it a couple of times to stretch them a little but once you break in, you won’t want to go back to any other boots again.

The Dr. Scholl’s boots stretch as you walk and are so comfortable, you’ll fall in love with them. These shoes for pregnancy are made of perforated microsuede upper that make it versatile and are available in a few basic colors that can go with jeans and dresses.


  • Versatile and Trendy
  • Stretchy and Comfortable
  • Soft Sole


  • Takes a few wears to expand

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Rate Boot

5. Croc’s Isabella T-Strap Sandal

These versatile crocs like sandals are perfect for summer days when you want to look casual, and stylish while staying comfortable. These shoes for pregnancy are very elegant and feminine. The Croslite material is durable, flexible and cushiony that conforms to your feet. The sandals are lightweight therefore while walking you won’t feel any burden on your feet. They provide style and breathability with ultimate comfort.

You can wear them anywhere and even go for a light walk. The straps are thin but very strong and durable that fit your foot properly inside the sandals. On a warm day when your feet are swollen or achy, switch to the Croc’s Isabelle T-Strap Sandals and notice the difference.


  • Breathable and Airy
  • Best for Summer
  • Relaxed fit


  • Let the dirt and dust stick to your feet

Croc’s Isabella T-Strap Sandal

Do you have any other favorite shoes for pregnancy? Let us know.

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