Start a Pregnancy Journal Today!

Pregnancy journals are a great way to write down your memories while you wait for your baby to arrive. Writing down your thoughts and moments throughout your pregnancy is very rewarding. Nothing is more special than creating a new life.

This is a time of transformation as you evolve into motherhood which is a pretty huge stepping stone for every mom. Not only is it a great way to save these memories, sharing them with your child is an excellent way to connect and really express your love for them.

What to Write in a Pregnancy Journal

If you’re unsure of what to write, don’t overthink it. A pregnancy journal can be whatever you feel it should be, it is your own personal experience. Women mainly write about their changing bodies, fears of childbirth, parenting, and how to navigate life with a baby.

For those who are high risk, a high-risk pregnancy journal is a great way to express your journey as well. If you’re feeling stuck, find a quiet place and take 10-15 minutes to yourself to write.

You can also:

  • Write a letter to your baby
  • Record your dreams
  • Write a poem
  • Write about your fears about childbirth or motherhood
  • List your future plans and goals

Pregnancy Food Journal

In addition to a pregnancy journal, a food journal is an excellent way to keep track of the foods you eat. I personally wish I did this to control my crazy cravings that weren’t healthy for my body. I had major heartburn so a journal would’ve definitely helped to figure out what my body rejected and what would have helped with morning sickness.

Where to Buy a Pregnancy Journal

Amazon has several of popular pregnancy books that are organized and designed for simple writing.

The Belly Book

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

This high-rated pregnancy journal is organized by trimester and includes pages for “time-lapse” belly photos and ultrasound images, as well as prompts for writing about morning sickness, food cravings and so much more. There are places to include photographs and to record your thoughts, but it’s not recommended for those who may want more room to write more.

Pregnancy Journal

Pearheaed Pregnancy Journal

This simple and beautifully designed journal has sections divided for each stage of your pregnancy. There are pockets and pages to store photos. The questions are a bit repetitive, so if you’re looking for more personalization, this journal may not be for you. However, the design is super cute and would make a charming gift for a mother-to-be.

Yellow Pregnancy Journal

Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Expecting You is a great pregnancy journal to record your experience in a simple and unique way. There are a ton of pages for your own writing which is a huge plus! The design is modern and cute with inspiring quotes. The only downside is there is not a lot of room for pictures, but overall it’s a great journal for writers.

Handmade Pregnancy Journal

If you’re interested in something more personalized, you can create your own pregnancy journal. There are a ton of cheap and free printable pregnancy journal, prompts, and ideas online to choose from. You can even buy a plain notebook and design it to your heart’s content, the sky is the limit! What I love about this idea is that it has a homemade touch to it that really makes it even more unique.

Online Pregnancy Journal

With the convenience of phones and computers, an online journal is a pretty good idea for on-the-go journaling. Apps like Sprout Pregnancy are perfect for writing down your experiences. What I like about the Sprout app is that they have entry ideas for inspiration and you can export your journal to PDF once you’re complete.

Pregnancy Journal For Dad

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of Dad-to-be journals out there, but it doesn’t mean dads should miss out on journaling! Transient Books on Etsy has an amazing journal called Letters to My Son/Daughter. It’s customizable and handmade made perfectly for those who love to write.

Pregnancy Journal Photo Book

Pregnancy Journal Photo Book

The Pregnancy Journal Photo Book from Shutterfly is a great DIY book to add your photos during your pregnancy. Your family and child will love to see the memories you had before motherhood.

Congrats for embarking upon life’s most precious miracles! It is truly the only time in life you’ll fall in love and understand the meaning of motherhood. Journaling for the next 9 months will be something you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. We wish you all the best and hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

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