7 Effective Stretches To Make Pregnancy Easier

As your body goes through the stages of pregnancy it changes and shifts.

You’ll begin to use different muscles than you are used to in order to support your growing belly. It is important to implement some stretches to keep your body healthy and limber. This can make giving birth easier and could even help your body bounce back quicker afterward. It can also keep away those pregnancy aches and pains.

You do want to be careful, however, as all stretches are not created equal. Some could even be unsafe. You can check with a doctor, midwife, or yoga instructor who specializes in prenatal if you are concerned.

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Effective Stretches For An Easier Pregnancy

Watch the video below to see how to safely perform each of these stretches.

  1. Gentle neck stretches series.
  2. Chest and back stretch arms forward.
  3. Leg split, leaving plenty of room for baby, flexing feet.
  4. Pelvis area series.
  5. Gentle, partial spinal twists.
  6. Wide leg stance.
  7. Standing quad stretch.

Most importantly, be easy and gentle with yourself while you’re pregnant.

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“Stretching during pregnancy helps to bring oxygenated blood into your muscles, to give you more energy and help flush out toxins and lactic acid, so you’ll experience less muscle soreness. Stretching during pregnancy, if done properly with deep breathing, also brings more oxygen to your baby to help him grow.” ~FitDay 


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