Trending Baby Names from Around the World

Forget morning sickness, baby-proofing the whole house, and starting a college fund — choosing a name for your baby can be stressful work!

What’s in a name? Children’s names can surprisingly influence their personality or how they are perceived by others. Have you ever heard someone say “She looks like a Katie?” or “He looks like a Tyler?” Our names stick with us forever, which makes choosing one so important.

We took a look at the baby names that are most popular right now around the world and found some truly beautiful ones. Noah and Sophia topped the list for American baby names. If you’re looking for something more unique, you might consider the most popular African names, Tau and Kagiso. There are so many unique names to choose from, and the meanings behind them can sometimes make them even more special.

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And don’t forget about the middle name, either — you’ll be saying it quite often whenever your kid gets in trouble!

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