Is All Womb Music Good Music? Find Out

A few generations ago, women did not think about things like womb music. 

However, it is one of the things that today’s young parents tend to think about, especially since this is something expected to soothe the baby and help their brain develop. But this doesn’t mean that you can go on the Internet, order the thing with the biggest logo that shows it’s a baby product, and start blasting anything onto your womb!

Not every kind of music is soothing and not at any volume. This being said, it’s time to lay down the rules on how to properly get junior introduced to music and the dos and don’ts of unborn baby auditions.

4 Essential Tips on How to Properly Play Womb Music

1. When Can Babies Hear Music in the Womb?

Playing guitar to the womb

Some women live the full excitement of being pregnant as early as they know they are expecting a baby, and they can’t wait to do all the fun stuff. Playing music for them in utero is one of those things. However, unless your baby is 18 weeks old, they will probably not hear anything, because their ears are not well formed yet. The ears themselves start to form around weeks 4-5, leading to the creation of the inner ear in the weeks to come.

As they continue to grow, noise becomes clearer and clearer. In the 24th week, they are more sensitive to sound, while in the following two weeks, they will even start to respond by kicking and moving around.

This does not mean that you cannot play some of that great music for your baby anytime. Even as a symbolic gesture, this can bring you closer to your child. Hold nice and relaxing music auditions and pretend to introduce junior to your all-time favorites.

One thing we can tell you for sure: this is your chance to show off your music preferences. Once your baby is born, there will be very little time to do this in complete silence and with full cooperation.

2. How Loud Should You Play Music for Your Baby in the Womb?

This is actually a topic of debate. One side suggests using headphones placed on the belly and saying that the sound the baby hears in there is muffled. The other side says that whatever you hear yourself, including ambient music, is fine since loud noises can damage the baby. But let’s start with the basics, then work our way into the debate.

Listening to womb music to soothe your baby

Your womb is located in the inferior part of your torso, which means that there are organs and a rib cage above it. Among the very first sounds that will travel down to your baby will be the sound of your voice, which will then reverberate off everything in your body. Some claim it will amplify, while others say it is muffled.

If you sing a song, the words will not be clearly heard, yet the tune will travel to the baby. This makes it easily recognized if you sing the same song to him once they are born.

The second debate on the issue is whether or not the amniotic fluid inside the womb amplifies the sound or not. If it does, then turning the volume up would be a horrible idea, as so is being in loud places. As a general rule, it is best to avoid such surroundings at least in the later months of pregnancy when you know the sound could affect the baby.


The best thing to do is to listen to music on the stereo as you go about your day. And if you really need the numbers, then know that the 65-70 decibel level is one considered safe enough, so as not to overstimulate or bring any kind of damage to your baby.

Should you attend a rock concert while pregnant? Maybe not in the later months. Should you continue working in a very loud environment? Maybe you can talk with your boss and move to a quieter setting. Even so, pay attention to the fact that this refers to extremely loud situations.

If you have a loud family or you live in a busy city, this will be the environment that your child will grow up in. It is best to expose them to the reality of the life expecting him, instead of cocooning during these pregnancy months. Otherwise, you will have a baby who will not be able to calm down in noisy situations. And if you cannot move away to a secluded island, this will become a problem.

3. How Long Should I Play Music to My Womb?

Be careful of how long you listen to music for your baby

It should depend on the baby’s age and how much they react to the outside world. If your child is not at the age where sounds are easily distinguished, then you can play away. However, as soon as they start hearing for themselves, they will start having opinions about it.

As your baby grows, they start to develop their own routine inside the womb. Sometimes, loud noises and music may even be keeping them from a nap or may overstimulate them. Think about it this way: do you know that great song you cannot help but tap your feet to and that eventually makes you dance? Imagine listening to it in a very confined space.

The safest bet is to play relaxing music for babies in the womb at a low volume. For how long? The best thing to do is to pay attention to whether or not your little one likes it. Some kids love music more than the rest, while others enjoy their peace and quiet. There is no general rule.

4. What Type of Music Should You Play for Your Baby in the Womb?

If you already have pregnant friends who are keen on womb music, then you have probably seen them play some Beethoven and Mozart for their babies, even though they have never listened to classical music in their lives. Where does this sudden interest in classical music come from? Well, research has shown that classical music as environmental music for babies does help the brain develop.

But the same cannot be said about the brain of a fetus as it has not been studied. Even so, parents try to get a jump start. If everything else fails and this does not help with brain functions, at least it soothes the baby.

But what if you are not the type of person to switch music preferences just like that, or cannot keep it up after your baby is born? What kind of music would you play for your baby in the womb? The best thing to do is to expose your baby to the types of music that they will hear around the house, anyway.

There is no use in putting on classical music for your child, while you would kill for some soft jazz or classic rock ballads and you are silently suffering. Also, it is not a very good idea to get the baby accustomed to gentle music, only to change everything once he arrives home. The sounds he learns to identify in the womb are the sounds that will soothe him faster after birth.


A crucial thing to remember here is that playing music for your baby means introducing them to the world outside of the womb and to the music they will be surrounded by, once they are born. Classical music is a great option, but nobody says your personal preferences can’t make the cut, as long as it is not too loud and alarming. And you don’t even have to use fancy gadgets that play music close to the belly. Ambient music will do.

Whatever relaxes you, relaxes them. However, avoid high pitched and high toned music, as it might harm their ears and their proper development. Otherwise, have fun with womb music!


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