2019 Baby Registry Must-Haves

When you’re expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or not, there’s a lot to prepare.

If you’re like many moms and dads, no matter how much you prepare, you worry about whether everything is ready. Will we have enough clothes? What gadgets and unique baby items do we need? Am I forgetting something?

The good news is that it’s common to give gifts to a newborn baby, which can help ensure you have everything you need when you bring your baby home from the hospital. By using a baby registry, you can make sure you don’t get duplicate gifts. A registry is also useful because it allows you to hand-pick items rather than relying on others’ judgment.baby nursery

Unfortunately, there’s one downside to registries. It can be a little overwhelming to put one together! To help you with your registry, we’ve scoured the internet for the top eleven 2019 baby registry must-haves you should be sure to include.

First up on the 2019 baby registry must-haves is a fantastic baby monitor that will allow you to roam away from your baby with confidence. This monitor offers a range of features that will take you right up through toddlerhood. It includes video, sound and even a thermometer that will let you know the temperature where the baby is. There’s also an intercom function that allows you to talk to your little one from afar.


Bathing a newborn or even a toddler can be tricky. A slippery baby covered in soap is hard to manage, especially if they’re squirming! While some babies enjoy bath-time and splash around in the water, others wiggle because they don’t like getting wet. In either case, it challenges moms and dads everywhere.

The solution? A tub with a sling that makes bathing an infant or a toddler much safer and more manageable. The sling helps keep your baby from slipping and sliding while bathing and also helps your little one feel secure. The tub provides support for baby’s bottom and head so that bathing is safe and stress-free as your little one grows. Made by The First Years, this tub is the perfect option that will serve you all the way up until when your child can use a regular full-sized bath.


This 2019 baby registry must-haves list wouldn’t be complete without a swing that helps your little bundle of joy nod off to sleep while you take a break. There’s nothing like rocking your little one to sleep in your arms, but sometimes you’ll be too exhausted to keep it up. Anytime moms and dads need a break, this baby swing fills in by soothing baby with an automated swinging motion.

Keep baby nice and close while out and about with this comfortable carrier. You can also complete chores around the home with your bundle of joy strapped to your back, cozy and close to you. A suitable carrier can go where strollers can’t, making it ideal for many different situations. The Infantino Carrier is an excellent choice with flexible carrying options at a reasonable price.

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The Boppy pillow is great for elevating baby up off the floor, giving them more of a view. This particular version of the Boppy pillow is filled in, with no hole in the middle, supporting the baby’s bottom. This avoids the slide that can happen with the original Boppy pillow. Grab this newborn Boppy pillow and situate baby wherever you are in your home.

No one wants to think about their little one getting sick. There’s nothing worse than worrying about whether your little one has a fever or wondering how high it is. A good thermometer like this Metene model will give you peace of mind when your baby gets sick. For use either on the forehead or in the ear, this accurate thermometer is perfect for adults, children, and babies. The forehead option is ideal for newborns, so you don’t have to struggle with holding them still or doing a rectal reading.

Diapers can be messy, so you’ll definitely want a reliable changing pad for your new baby. This comfortable changing pad by Summer Infant is covered in vinyl, making for easy cleaning. The changing pad also comes with a strap so that you can secure the pad to your changing table or dresser. An additional strap keeps baby safely secured on the pad. Covers come separately.

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Before you know it, your newborn will become interested in mealtime. When that happens, this baby food mash and serve bowl is the perfect way to convert your freshly prepared meals into baby-friendly dishes. Mash up fruit or steamed veggies and watch your baby enjoy the new flavors! This little bowl is also perfect for taking with you to a restaurant or a meal outside the home. Just mash up a few appropriate food items, and baby can eat too!

Before long, your newborn will be able to grab toys and play! This colorful, soft toy is fun for baby to explore. Take this along for stroller rides, in the car or for exploring anywhere. There are great teething items, noisemakers and even a mirror included. You can’t go wrong when choosing this as baby’s first toy.

If you’re planning on feeding your baby formula or pumping breastmilk, you’ll find yourself going through a lot of bottles. Your counter space will quickly get filled up with drying bottles on towels or any other way you can manage. Reclaim your space and get your bottles dry in a neat and organized fashion with The First Years’ drying rack. Holding up to 16 bottles, this rack will also help with drying pacifiers, sippy cups and other small dishes your baby will use.

Choose a car seat that will last you for up to 10 years and avoid buying new ones. This car seat is so adjustable that you can bring your newborn home from the hospital and still use it when you have an 8-year-old. Comfortable and cozy, this car seat fits the bill.

These are just eleven 2019 baby registry must-haves that you can fill out with additional items according to your preferences. In addition to the highly useful items above, you’ll need cloth or disposable diapers, clothing, and blankets. However, the above list is a great base to start with. Create your baby registry with confidence, knowing that you won’t be missing any essential items!

Are there any must-have items you couldn’t live without as a new parent? Tell us about your registry must-haves in the comment section below.

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