5 of the Hottest Nursery Trends for 2016

The co-founders of Project Nursery have been asked to share their predictions for the top nursery decorating trends for next year, 2016. Here is what they had for us!

Get ready for some 2016 inspiration!

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Pastel Nursery
Source: www.parents.com

2016 will see nursery decor going back to its roots, and back to basics. Pastel colors will play a big part in this.

“When you think ‘nursery’ and ‘baby,’ it’s a natural fit to think pastel, but this is the new, updated version. It’s still sophisticated; it’s still going to draw on modern furnishings or blend in other trends, but it gets back to that soft feel.” // parents.com

Standard pastels like blush pinks and soft blues will of course be commonplace, but other pastels such as lilac, periwinkle and pale green will also join the party.

Shown: J&J Design Group designed this whimsical nursery full of pastels.

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Back to Nature: Wood

Wood Nursery
Source: www.parents.com

I particularly like this trend, nothing like going back to nature. We’re talking from the furniture, to art on the walls.

“This blends in a little bit of that midcentury look, a lot of this is playing out not only in cribs but in wall art, as well.” // parents.com

In the last few years, espresso woods have been making a comeback, but now even lighter colored timbers are becoming the preference. You’re left with a natural look and feel, adding that little bit of earthiness to your nursery.

Shown: Designers Annalisa Thomas and Dorte Anderson of Oilo Studios created this rustic-looking nursery.

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Anything Modern

Modern Nursery
Source: parents.com

Sleek and bright: modern designs will continue along its trend of dominance in the nursery decor realm. After an increase in florals, iron cribs and other traditional themes, the swing has gone back into favor of more modern and minimalistic setups.

Shown: Mom Trisha Grasmann designed this modern nursery with a simple animal theme for her daughter.

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Skyward Bound

Nursery of Clouds
Source: parents.com

Reach for the stars, because if you fail at least you’ll still land on the clouds.

Clouds, moons and stars are the newest trend for nursery designs.

“Clouds and other celestial symbols first started showing up in layette patterns and other gear and have since morphed onto unique wallpaper, decals, pillows, and mobiles. So in 2016, the sky’s the limit (or not, as it turns out!) in nursery decor.” // parents.com

Shown: Mom Yuri Pettengill created this cloud-themed nursery for her son.

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Making a Statement

Source: parents.com

As cribs are the focal point of the room, it’s no surprise that statement cribs are becoming so popular.

“The [the clear acrylic Vetro Crib] from Nursery Works that Beyonce and Jay-Z used took the nursery world by storm, and I think it sparked a little bit of creativity around the idea of a statement crib. It’s not for everybody. It’s definitely a splurge item in the nursery, but they’re kind of like, ‘Boom!’ when you walk in. It’s the shining star of the room.” // parents.com

Manufacturers and designers are getting quite bold with their current designs, and the focus on wallpaper designs has diminished, with the focus back on crib design.


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