7 New Baby Freebies to Bring Home from the Hospital

Having a new baby means you’re going to need some to buy new baby stuff.

You might as well take advantage of the free offerings from the hospital when you give birth. Below are some of the baby freebies that you can take home from the hospital. You can always ask your caregivers what you are allowed to take with you and what they would suggest.

Baby Freebies And Some For Mom, Too!

For Mom:

1. Sanitary Pads

The hospital will be able to give you thicker pads than you would get at the store. You may need these for those post-birth leaks. These pads will feel like wearing a diaper, but at least you will know you’re covered!

2. Cleaning Pads With a Bonus

Witch hazel pads can help with the pain “down there” and could even keep you feeling more sanitary and at ease. You need to make sure you clean yourself well to prevent infections.

3. Mesh Panties

These are definitely not the sexiest undies on the planet, but will come in super handy. They are comfier than traditional panties and will offer extra protection from leaks.

For Baby:

4. Nasal Aspirator

Instead of buying an aspirator for your new baby, grab the one from the hospital. They typically work better and a nurse can show you how to use it properly.

5. Receiving Blanket

Babies seem to love those simple receiving blankets that the hospital gives. They are the perfect size for swaddling and keep baby just the right amount of warm and cozy.

6. Pacifier

Another thing that you could buy, but should just get from the hospital. They know all about babies and these binkies are just right.

7. Diapers

They may not be name brand, but the hospital will often give you a free pack of diapers to take home. Diapers can get expensive, so take advantage. You may receive some baby wet wipes too.

Know of a great hospital freebie we missed? Share it in the comments!

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