Amber Teething Necklace: Unique and Practical Shower Gift

You’ve been invited to the baby shower, and you want to give something that the parents-to-be will love and that they’ll actually use. Sure, every fuzzy, fluffy stuffed animal is beyond adorable, but you know it will likely end up in a garage sale within a year. Those teeny-tiny clothes are precious, but babies only stay teeny-tiny for so long, and wardrobes need to increase. Diapers and wet wipes? Those are always useful…and a little bit boring.

An amber teething necklace may suit your need for the perfect gift balance of exciting and practical and even provides a little bit of bonus beautiful. No matter whether your expected arrival is a boy or a girl, they will face teething within a few short months. It’s an inevitable stage of development, yet many parents arrive at it unprepared. Your gift can provide preparation and peace of mind approaching this challenging phase of parenting.

What Makes a Necklace Specifically a “Teething” Necklace?

These specialized necklaces are crafted from Baltic amber, a fossilized tree resin that is found only in pine trees in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Amber found in the Baltic region contains a high concentration (8%) of a substance called “succinic acid” that is released from the resin when it is warmed.

This acid has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling) and analgesic (relieves pain) properties that are effective to ease the troubling symptoms of teething. Amber resin found in other regions of the world may also be crafted into beautiful pieces of jewelry, but only Baltic amber has the properties helpful in teething. Due to this highly specific sourcing and the existence of knock-off necklaces, it is essential to ask your necklace provider for certification of their amber harvesting location.

How Does a Teething Necklace Work?

As science has discovered, our skin is the most significant organ of the body and is very porous so it’s incredibly efficient at absorbing what touches it and then distributing what it has absorbed throughout our bodies in the bloodstream. Products such as Epsom salt have been used for hundreds of years to ease all kinds of aches and pains. An amber teething necklace uses the skin’s efficiency to deliver the soothing effects of succinic acid to a teething baby’s inflamed gums and painful mouth.

Amber teething necklaces are designed to be worn closely-fitting to avoid strangulation risk. They’re also to be worn under the baby’s clothing so that the beads are warmed by body heat. The succinic acid is released from the resin, and the skin absorption process is triggered. As the succinic acid reaches baby’s system, swelling is reduced, pain is relieved, drooling returns to reasonable levels, and because the little one feels better, they also become happier and sleep easier.

Shopping for a Teething Necklace

It’s important to make sure you’re purchasing an authentic teething necklace that will provide the baby the benefits of its properties. Amber teething necklace should cost at least $15 to $30 maybe more depending on the quality, color, weight, and age of the amber. Clear Baltic Amber is more valuable than pieces that look cloudy or opaque. To avoid buying a fake Amber Necklace

There are three variations of amber jewelry:

Raw Baltic Amber

These beads are created with natural, untreated beads, which have selected to match in size and appearance. This type of raw Amber bead interacts with the skin more, creating a massage and increasing circulation and stimulating healing properties to be more absorbed in the skin.

Unpolished Baltic Amber

Unpolished beads are taken in raw form, are rounded and shaped and will have a matte finish. These beads are smaller in size due to the reshaping. However, the final product will be more uniform in shape and lay more comfortably against the skin. For comfort and safety reasons, softly rounded Amber beads may be the best option for a baby. The healing properties are just as useful as raw amber.

Polished Baltic Amber

Polished beads show its real beauty. With a shiny surface, you’ll see natural imperfections such as tiny bubbles, inner layers, clouds of contrast and layers of shades of bronze. Polished amber tends to be more popular because of the look and is beneficial as well.

The beauty of a teething necklace is not only found in the smoothness of its stones, the refraction of light through the resin, or the carefully knotted construction. The beauty of a teething necklace is in the peace it can bring to a hurting child and their concerned parents. Parents-to-be need not fear this stage of their little one’s development if they have a teething necklace on hand, ready to use when that first little gum-bump appears. They can be confident, knowing that their little one is receiving consistent relief from a natural substance that will not build up in the body, eliminating dosing and side effect concerns common to other teething medications.

A Baltic amber teething necklace may just be your answer to the perfect baby shower gift. It is beautiful, useful, unique, and it does precisely what baby showers are designed to do: helps prepare the new parents for the moments in parenting that they may not have yet considered.


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