A List of the Best Nursing Covers

If you’re concerned about your privacy while nursing, you’re not alone.  While many mothers are totally comfortable breastfeeding in public, others feel more self-conscious.  To help, there are nursing covers.

The best nursing covers in the past were blankets, spare cloth diapers, sweaters, and other pieces of fabric that were usually lying around.  These options aren’t all that functional, though, for nursing moms, and they can make it hot and uncomfortable for your baby while he’s eating.

Today, however, you can find nursing covers designed in a lightweight, breathable fabric that makes giving yourself a little privacy while you feed your dear babe easy, even stylish.

Finding the best nursing cover really depends on your specific needs.  To make it simple, here are three types of nursing covers most moms use.

Nursing Apron with Rigid Neckline

the best nursing covers apron style
Image courtesy of Bebe Au Lait

Many moms say the best nursing cover is this large piece of fabric, like an apron, with an adjustable tie that goes around the neck.

also features a rigid neckline, which moms love. The neckline forms a “tent” over your nursing babe so you can check on him easily and he doesn’t have to eat with fabric laying right on his face.

The main drawback of this style of nursing cover is that it’s a bit cumbersome to put on.  With a fussy baby, this can definitely be an issue.  It also doesn’t offer a ton of coverage over the back, which may be a deal-breaker for some moms.

Lightweight Poncho Style Nursing Cover

nursing cover poncho
Image courtesy of EN Babies

Other moms are raving about the nursing ponchos that have recently hit the market.  These are the best nursing covers for moms who need something to just throw on.  They have a hole that goes right over your head and that’s it. You’re ready to go!

With that said, you may end up wearing it just because it’s so cute, which makes nursing even easier. In fact, many moms wear their

while they’re pregnant, too, because they’re so stylish.

Moms also like that the fabric drapes evenly over your chest and stomach as well as your back to create a very private nursing experience.  Because these poncho style nursing covers are made of breathable, natural fabrics, your baby will stay comfy and cool as he enjoys her meal.

You do have to manipulate your baby underneath the poncho, and given the amount of fabric, this can be a bit of a challenge.  Once you and your baby have a system, though, you will probably agree your nursing poncho is one of the best nursing covers you’ve used.

Infinity Nursing Scarf

nursing cover scarf in black and white
Image courtesy of Sammy & Co.

This style is another easy-to-use nursing cover that many moms are finding functional, stylish, and simple.  It’s an infinity scarf that even a non-nursing woman would wear, but it’s made of a stretchy cotton blend material that can be pulled down whenever your baby is hungry.

With this design and the breathability of the fabric, this nursing cover gives your baby plenty of room to nurse comfortably.  It also gives you plenty of coverage to feel comfortable nursing in public.

are designed in a range of prints and colors so there’s something for everyone.  They’re also affordable so investing in a few is ideal.

An infinity nursing scarf is only a viable option if you feel like wearing a scarf that day.  It’s not going to be ideal in every situation, for example at the beach or when it’s really hot.  Given this, many moms have at least one other style of nursing cover to go along with their infinity nursing scarves so they’re prepared for any weather.

Within these three types of nursing covers, there are so many styles and designs you’re sure to find the best nursing covers for you and your baby.

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