DIY Featured Wall Decorating For Your Nursery

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A clever way to decorate a baby’s nursery is with a DIY Feature Wall. These can range from pallet boards to decals to paint patterns. Here are some ideas to get your started if you truly want to make that nursery your own…

1) How to Paint a Diamond Accent Wall, The Frugal Homemaker

If you want to stick with paint, but give baby’s eyes something interesting to look at, the diamond wall may be the way to go!

2) Metallic Heart Feature Wall, Three Little Monkeys Studio

Looking for a bit of shine and bling? Time to go metallic!


3) Adorable Baby Girl Nursery, Numbered Street Designs

This post features a wall where the fabric was attached with liquid starch. How clever! Just think of all the different material and patterns you could use for this one!


4) Plank Wall, Life Crafts & Whatever

This is one of the most beautiful plank walls I have seen. It is in a dining room, but the different stains would be a lovely feature in a nursery too.


5) Sharpie Paint Pen Arrow Nursery Wall, Preparing For Peanut (s)

A sharpie wall! Are you kidding me!

So the nursery was painted for about 30 seconds before I decided we needed a feature wall…


6) Foiled Wall, Lemon Drop Life

Who knew aluminum tape could be so handy and create such a lovely space!


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments? Will you try it…


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