Mommore Large Nylon Diaper Bag Review

Diaper bags are necessary items when it comes to daily baby care. Finding the one that suits Baby and Mom’s needs can seem overwhelming in the vast sea of options that are on the market.

The Mommore nylon diaper bag is large and functional. Some of the larger totes and bags offer little to no organization options. The Mommore bag is the opposite as it has many compartments that actually serve a busy parent well. There have been many times a parent is on the go and will have trouble locating something essential, like a wipe. Not with this bag!

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Mommore Nylon Diaper Bag Features

This bag has many great features and here are just a few that I found to be awesome. The shoulder strap and stroller hooks make it a very versatile bag. You can throw it over your shoulder like a messenger bag or hook it to the stroller if you get tired of carrying it. The changing pad is located in a zipper compartment on the bottom of the bag.

This means it does not take up valuable space in the main part of the bag.

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The easy to access wipe pocket in the front of the bag means you’ll never have to dig through the bag for your wipes again. The four elastic pockets on the insider are super handy for a parent who relies on organization. The insulated pocket is great for an already made bottle on the go.

One thing that is typically overlooked it the fact that most new parents won’t have an idea as to what bag may suit them best. This one is great for that purpose. It is not so expensive that you would second guess it as a gift. It will also allow new parents to get the feel of a truly exceptional bag without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one. So gift it to your expecting friend!

Being a parent of multiples, I can personally tell you that most diaper bags don’t have many features that actually help with organization. Many typical bags will have at most two elastic pockets and lots of open space on the inside. The downside to having an ample open space is the fact that you will spend a lot of your time trying to find items that you need.

This bag has a total of six right-sized elastic pockets (4 on the inside and 2 in the front compartment) which make it easier to find things that you need in an instant.

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A good test for any bag is to take it out and use it as you would a purse for a full week. Let’s be honest Mom’s: our diaper bags end up being our purses for a while. In that week, see how many times you have to go back and reorganize it, clean it out, and how hard it is for you to locate your wallet. I did this, and it passed my test.

I have three children, and this bag accommodated us on more than just our daily runnings. We even ventured out to two local events. I was able to quickly locate everything I had packed for the kids as well as myself.

Diaper changes were easy even for Dad to grab the bag and go, without making the bag look like a tornado went through it.

Final Thoughts

I recommend this bag because of the overall durability of the Mommore bag. Not only does it make outings with Baby (or multiple children) more comfortable, it is functional and stylish too.

If you are looking for an affordable, functional, and stylish bag, this one definitely fits the bill.


Mommore Nylon Diaper Bag

For the busy mom-to-be, Mommore’s Nylon Diaper Bag is a Must.

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