Nursing Essentials for Every Mother by Lacticups

Nursing can be a challenge whether it’s your first baby or you are well experienced. All mothers should have every tool out there available to them to make it easier and more comfortable to breastfeed. Here are some great products that will help you not waste a drop of your hard earned breastmilk.

Lacti-Cups, Essentials Breastmilk Collection Cups

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What are Lacti-Cups?

Lacti-Cups were created to save every drop of breastmilk. Normally, a mom would wear a pad to collect milk leaks throughout the day, but when you think about it, several ounces of milk goes to waste throughout your day that could be going towards feeding your growing baby. Lacti-Cups save the leaks in order to make use of every drop. Lacti-Cups are perfect to use if you are laying down or relaxing and they are very comfortable. Sometimes it can be a bit messy when you are taking them off, so this should be done with extra care.

The Benefits of Lacti-Cups

Lacti-Cups are very easy to put on and off and have two different colored plugs so you can also use them to keep track of which side was nursed last. They have an added barrier to prevent spills when a mom is moving around the house doing normal everyday things.

Lacti-Cups also have braille markings. Essentially, Lacti-Cups are the first breastfeeding product that has taken blind mothers into consideration.

Once you have saved up some milk, Lacti-Cups are very easy to pour without spilling any. Lacti-Cups also offers breastmilk storage bags, which are perfect for receiving your saved breastmilk and saving it for your baby.

Lacti-Cups breastmilk storage bags

Features of Breastmilk Storage Bags

Lacti-Cups breastmilk storage bags are designed to efficiently store your breastmilk. They are extra thick, specifically to keep your milk from experiencing freezer burn. They have a spout that makes pouring simple and mess-free. They have a double zipper so you won’t have to worry about losing your milk due to leaks, and can stand alone or lay flat for easy storage.

Why They are Different from Other Storage Bags?

These breastmilk storage bags were designed with the struggles of breastfeeding mothers in mind. They will minimize the frustrations you have with other storage issues. And when you’re done using them for breastmilk, they can be used to store baby food, and their spout works perfectly as a squeeze bag. You will never run out of uses for these breastmilk storage bags.

Lacti-Cups Nursing Bra

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The Importance of Having a Good Nursing Bra

Once you start breastfeeding, everything changes. Your old bras won’t feel quite as comfortable as they did before, and there’s always that hassle of working around your bra when you need to nurse. Having a good nursing bra can completely change your breastfeeding experience.

Benefits of the Lacti-Cups Nursing Bra

The Lacti-Cups nursing bra is made with a soft fabric that is comfortable and flexible. It is very convenient and modest to open to breastfeed your baby whenever you need to.

It has lined cups with a little extra room for Lacti-Cups should you choose to use them. Each bra includes an extensor to make it perfect just for you.

It comes in two colors in cups A-D. This nursing bra will change your breastfeeding experience for the better.


These products could be purchased individually, or you can get all three to use in combination to improve your day to day breastfeeding. There is nothing like being comfortable while you provide for your family.

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