Push Gift Ideas for New Moms

Push gifts are a fairly new phenomenon that has been widely accepted and is spreading like wildfire. Traditionally, it was a present the father would give to the mom-to-be but these days everyone is allowed to get in on the action!

It doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. A simple gift to appreciate a new mom’s efforts in bringing a new human into the world is all it takes.

Check out our selection of the best push gift ideas:

  • A frivolous, non-baby related item

From delivery to infinity, every holiday will feature your kid and you and your wife will fade into the background as you give your all to this new family member. This may be the last time your wife will get something that’s just hers. Try a spa day.

  • Sentimental jewelry
necklace push gift ideas

Diamonds will never be turned down but if you don’t have the cash to splurge, try something with a baby theme that connects the new family member to the family. Think engraved bracelets or necklaces.

  • Mom art
push gift ideas great maternity photo

If you can find a great quote on motherhood or a great maternity photo, get it framed and give it to your partner.

  • Upscale baby swag
Upscale baby swag as a push gift

Push presents aren’t like Christmas presents; they don’t have to be a surprise. Ask your wife if she has had her eye on some baby related item that you wouldn’t normally splurge on like a Kate spade diaper bag.

  • Digital camera

There will be millions of photos to come. Instead of relying on your smartphone, get a quality camera that has WiFi and can share directly on social sites if that’s your thing.

Advice from a guy: If you want a push present, make it clear to your husband that you’d be happy to get one. If you know what you want and he’s expressed interest in getting you something, just tell him what you’d like. This isn’t the time to be coy. Let’s not add disappointment to your post-birth experience. Likewise, it’s not OK to demand anything or keep saying things like “I better get _____ for pushing this kid out.” It’s not his fault he can’t give birth! // InstaFather.com

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