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Whether you're in month 1 or month 9, you owe it to yourself (and your baby) to discover:

"3 Simple Secrets

Straight from Mother Nature

to Safely Soothe Labor Pain

Whether You’re in a Hospital or at Home"

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Alisa R.


“I was scared that I’d prove to myself how weak I really was. Reese heard my struggles and fears about birth and breastfeeding. She also sent me things to consider for my birth plan. My birth experience was great, and my milk supply keeps getting better.”

Johanna D.

Santa Monica

“As a first-time mom, I struggled with nausea and fatigue well into my second trimester. I'm so grateful that she took the time to really listen to me, understand what I was struggling with and knew what could help. I continued to work with her throughout my pregnancy and into early motherhood.”​

What You'll Discovering During This FREE Live Training Replay:

  1. Why the standard medical “Uphill Birth” approach creates suffering -- while gravity can speed your labor with no drugs and minimal pain
  2. The 2-herb mix proven to shorten labor while dissolving pain (Hardly anybody uses these herbs correctly. But you get my exact ingredient sources and recipe to mix them in minutes)
  3. A top woman biomechanical scientist’s #1 movement prepping your body to get Baby out with ease (no kegels and no equipment needed)
  4. 3 tragically common birth plan blunders that spike stress (which spirals into labor PAIN), and how to avoid them